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Chiropractic Care

At Wellness Collective Arizona, through Functional Muscle Testing and Orthopedics, Dr. Phil can determine how well the body is moving and performing. Symptoms of pain or discomfort can originate in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organs, and nuclei of the brain. Through a patented system of neurological stimuli (P-DTR), the underlying issues surrounding the patient’s symptoms can be identified and treated immediately. This approach restores function to the body rapidly while pain is greatly reduced.

Discover P-DTR

The primary technique that Dr. Runge uses at our practice is P-DTR. This unique neurological therapy is based on neurology, biomechanics, neurophysiology, anatomy and profound research. We address patients from a neurological perspective using a variety of stimuli.

P-DTR is focused on improving the body’s proprioceptive system. The proprioceptive system gives our brain information about what’s going on inside and outside of our body – it lets us know we’re okay or if we need to protect ourselves. Similar to software programming for the body, P-DTR addresses pain, dysfunction, and weakness by resetting imbalances in the body’s nervous system. When something hurts, our receptor system, or our hardwiring, keeps our body informed and protected from the environment around us.

On a daily basis we are exposed to many stimuli such as heat, cold, pressure, vibration, muscle, and joint stretch. In response to these different stimuli, our hardwiring provides us with a “fight or flight” reaction. People that suffer from acute and chronic conditions have a proprioceptive system that is out of balance or overactive, similar to an alarm system that won’t shut off. The P-DTR approach gives us a deeper understanding of the nervous system allowing us to make powerful changes to reset the body’s response to our environment.

Through orthopedic, neurological exams and gentle manual muscle tests, Dr. Runge can determine if muscles are inhibited or not functioning properly. Dysfunctions can be in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, organs, and nuclei of the brain. Then, through a patented system of neurological stimuli (P-DTR), the main dysfunction and its compensator are determined. By showing the brain the dysfunction in this context and eliciting a reflex of the body, the brain can bring the previously dysfunctional receptors back to a normal, healthy level. This restores function instantly and pain is greatly reduced.

Many people will find that their knees always hurt when going up and down the stairs. They may automatically think they’re going to have to have knee surgery when they’re older. Dr. Runge can fix what’s happening on the surface neurologically to support those damaged areas to get all the muscles firing the way they should.

The result is the patients’ symptoms go from a nine to three or four, and they can still function with those muscles even though there’s a condition present. We’ll often be able to delay or possibly prevent the need for surgery or help heal the tissue around it.

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