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About Us

Wellness Collective Arizona Team When Dr. Philip Runge and his wife Cassandra were in school, they had a dream of having a whole health clinic with multiple practitioners. After purchasing Dever Chiropractic, they re-branded the practice as Wellness Collective Arizona.

A Focus on Wellness Versus Sickness

At Wellness Collective Arizona, our holistic approach is all about you living your life to the fullest. That means a high quality of life supported by an individualized plan of care that empowers you to health and healing. Here, we provide natural care that focuses on mind and body wellness. Healing is a journey, and we hope to be your partner along the way. Dr. Philip provides gentle and effective chiropractic care, and Cassandra offers acupuncture and cupping.

The Symptom As an Indicator of the True Problem

Most patients’ complaints start with what’s being inputted into their nervous system. Their actual chief complaints are symptoms. These are a greater picture of what’s going on. If we can reset what’s been inputted into your body, then we can make a bigger impact in many areas. These include your symptoms, range of motion, digestion and more. It’s all about addressing what’s being inputted into your nervous system to change the output. MEET OUR TEAM »

Resetting the Body

Consider what happens if you get stung by a bee in the neck. Withdrawing from that stimulus would be a normal response. Withdrawing means that the muscles would inhibit to move you away. Then they would go back. Your brain interpreted it as a normal response. Many times, due to repetitive stress, your brain can be overloaded with information. Instead of a normal response of weakening, then going back to strength, you’ll have just symptoms of weakness and more weakness. And though the tissue can heal itself, your brain is now sensitive to that type of feeling. That type of feeling is going to be causing perpetual weakness in the area. As a result, you could have symptoms of pain, tightness or numbness, tingling and joint restriction. Dr. Runge can reset the way your body perceives these signals. He will reset them so that your brain doesn’t think that it’s a threat any longer. Then we can immediately get back to those normal responses of the body, which would just bring balance to your nervous system.

Addressing Many Conditions With Acupuncture

Cassandra offers acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, acupressure and cupping to her patients. She provides acupuncture sessions for various conditions. These include musculoskeletal injuries and pain, digestive disorders, stress and anxiety, psycho-emotional disorders and women’s health.

Get Ready to Feel Great

If you’d like to feel better than you have in a long time, contact our Mesa wellness family practice today to schedule an appointment!

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