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About Us

Wellness Collective Arizona Team When Dr. Philip Runge and his wife Cassandra were in school, they had a dream of having a whole health clinic with multiple practitioners. After purchasing Dever Chiropractic, they re-branded the practice as Wellness Collective Arizona.

A Focus on Wellness Versus Sickness

At Wellness Collective Arizona, our holistic approach is all about you living your life to the fullest. That means a high quality of life supported by an individualized plan of care that empowers you to health and healing. Here, we provide natural care that focuses on mind and body wellness. Healing is a journey, and we hope to be your partner along the way. Dr. Philip provides gentle and effective chiropractic care, and Cassandra offers acupuncture and cupping.

Neuromuscular Reeducation and Chiropractic

Restrictions in movement often create discomfort which  leads to sub-optimal performance. Dr. Phil assesses local and global movement patterns causing movements that are safe or unsafe for the body to perform.

Functional Muscle Testing  can improve the brain-body connection of these movement patterns. Having this optimal brain-body connection  drastically decreases sensitivity and discomfort, which then leads to effortless movement and a better performing body.


Addressing Many Conditions With Acupuncture

Cassandra offers acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, acupressure and cupping to her patients. She provides acupuncture sessions for various conditions. These include musculoskeletal injuries and pain, digestive disorders, stress and anxiety, psycho-emotional disorders and women’s health.


Why Choose Us?

Treatment from the team at Wellness Collective will get you faster recovery time, decreased pain inflammation, improved digestion and sleep, less stress on the body, and the high quality of life you deserve!

Get Ready to Feel Great

If you’re ready feel better than you have in a long time, click the link to schedule an appointment!

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